Saturday, October 10, 2009

This weekend we had SNOW..... so I thought Hopers and I better say our farewell to Minnesota's very short season of decent, livable weather and acknowledge the coming season....

Goodbye Sweet Summer.....We will miss you!
No more frolicking in the grass.....No more sunbathing in our bikinis - (although, admittedly I haven't been brave enough to put one of those on for awhile!)
And no more walks to the park or warm breezes on our least for a few months.


Until then we will have to settle for "helping" around the house.... know the usual stuff, like sorting laundry.... Cleaning out Momma's Kitchen drawers...And don't even get Hope started on the bathroom....

And last but not least keeping these boys in line!!


  1. Bless you for showing such compassion towards Angie. You just made my day!


  2. Hopers looks so adorable in all of those pictures I love it!

    Get my voicemail tonight? Hangout this weekend? I hope you are doing wonderfully - give my beautiful niece a big hug and kiss from her (favorite) auntie!

    Love you! Thank you again for the pumpkins - I am still smiling :) It truely meant SO much!!!!