Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning

Look at the crazy white tree...and yes, I have been trying to get that stupid star on top to stick up straight FOREVER. It's just not happening.


In other, more exciting news, Hope woke up at 8am on Christmas Morning, Momma was cheering for joy for her extra 45 minutes of sleep....

I was cheering in my head people....I am just NOT a morning person.

Ask my employer.

Or my Husband.

Or my Doggies.

Just don't ask Hope, because I am pretty sure the girl is clueless that her Momma is not a morning person. Because she thinks it is HILARIOUS when she wakes me up by shreiking at the tops of her lungs every morning...she also thinks it's comical that I come into her room EVERY morning and stumble over the booby traps she has set for me during the night. I'm telling you people, she is just CRUEL :)


Here comes the good part....

(We are back on the topic on Christmas again, by the way)

Hope recieved lots of fun gifts this year...Jayson was, of course, thrilled about them all, but he was especially excited about the Dora book. Just look at his face.

She also got WAAAAY to many toys, clothes, books, you name it the list continues from her Auntie and Uncle. They definetly spoil her.

I also have been trying to perfect the art of clean up with my little lady lately. So here she is, doing her duty and cleaning up all the Christmas presents.

Such a good little helper!


  1. Oh how I am so sad to have missed Hopers opening her Christmas gifts!

    Thanks for documenting - love you!

  2. I just want you to know, that you do a semi good job of masking your non-morning-person-ness. So much fun to read this!